Personal Attention. World Recognition

Friendly. Competitive. World Class Service

WSF is widely recognized as the original "Innovators" in the cheer and dance industry. Founded in 2001, the original company vision was to offer high quality events for coaches, by coaches.

WSF has a long track record of industry firsts. In 2004, we were an inaugural company member of the NACCC and in 2005 we hosted the first "bid event" for all our championship clients in Las Vegas that was a culmination of that competition season, and a true “Championship of Champions.” WSF was also the first company to bring “FREE” admission to the spirit industry. Parents, coaches and cheerleading enthusiasts everywhere raved about this initiative and many other event producers have followed suit with free admission programs since that time.

Our belief that technology could be better used to enhance the competitive experience of our clients led to the creation of our WSF digital scoring system. 

2006 marked the year of our $50,000 cash prize give away. Teams from all over the United States competed at multiple WSF events for an unprecedented cash reward. 

In 2007, with the global green movement at an all-time high WSF once again looked to technology to provide greater customer service by offering the 1st ever online registration process for our events. With less paperwork to complete, and an integrated process competing with WSF was now easier than ever before, and again our competitors followed our lead changing the way teams register for events industry wide.

In 2008 and 2009, we shifted our focus to the judging component of our championships. We were determined to elevate this crucial part at competitive events. Not only did we develop the first ever comprehensive scoring ranges that followed the USASF Guidelines and then in 2009, we introduced and created first ever judges visual voice critique for coaches.

As we approach our first decade of providing high quality, state-of-the art competition experiences for the world's best cheerleaders and dancers one thing remains certain. WSF remains the “Innovators in Cheer and Dance”!